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Beaux Boudin: A Family Affair

Beaux Boudin: A Family Affair

Beaux Boudin specializes in authentic Cajun Boudin and Creole Cuisine. We consider our food as part of "Les Joies de la Vie", and we strive to adhere to the traditional techniques and ingredients of the Cajun and Creole peoples of Southern Louisiana.

Food enthusiast Jeff Crump Jr., grew up in a bustling home in Houston,TX with a Louisiana French-Creole mother and a Texas Born African-American father, with two sisters and Clementine, his French-Creole Grandmother, who nicknamed him “Beau”. At an early age, Jeff’s first bites were by the hand of Clementine, dishes such as Courtboullion, Smothered Chicken n’ Rice, Boudin, Crawfish Etouffe’ and her family-famous Gumbo.

With the food of his matriarchs in his childhood home, family reunions in Lake Charles and frequent trips to New Orleans, Jeff’s appreciation of the history and culture of Southern Louisiana deepened and left an impacting impression on Jeff and his palette.

(Clementine Dupont-Fontenot "Tine") 

After leaving Houston, Jeff found it difficult to acquire the tastes and quality of the home-made dishes he had from his family and time in Southern Louisiana. This need propelled Jeff and wife Melissa Hernandez to start “Beaux Boudin”, an artisan Boudin and Cajun/Creole kitchen.

We specialize in Boudin and pay extra attention to the process and care of creating the best links with the most amount of flavor. We do not use MSG or any other additives to enhance the flavor of our Boudin that is found with the big processors.
At Beaux Boudin, we would like to see the cuisine of Boudin and dishes of Southern Louisiana purvey themselves outside of just a regional food but become a staple for all Americans to enjoy and eventually the world.

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