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Beaux's Cajun Jambalaya

Beaux's Cajun Jambalaya

Rice was a staple growing up. No matter what time of day, our grandmother had a pot of rice on the back burner of the stove. She would give us eggs and rice for breakfast, rice and smothered chicken for lunch, and when we had folks over, jambalaya for dinner.  Her jambalaya was a treat to the whole household and to the many visitors who happened to stop by on those days. 

Today, Beaux’s Cajun Jambalaya stays true to traditional methods and styles found in Southern Louisiana by utilizing ingredients like andouille sausage, lardon, chicken, shrimp, and a little amber bock. Sorry no tomato, ‘cause dat ain’t Cajun!

Pick up your frozen Beaux’s Cajun Jambalaya at Beauxboudin.com.


Damien and Cindy are a mother and son team who are always on the go. Damien is on the D-Line playing for L.D. Bell and he’s always looking for a hearty meal. 

Thaw your Jambalaya!

Use a heavy bottom pot or pan, we like cast iron. Pour the contents into the pan.

Bring the heat up to medium high.  You should hear a sizzle as you stir. Keep the pan moving and cook the jambalaya until the dish is thoroughly heated. 

You’re done! Serve it up and enjoy it with your family or favorite footballer.


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