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The Boudin Man

The Boudin Man

Meet Jeffery Crump, or 'Beau' of Beaux Boudin, a Houston native who with his wife, Melissa Hernandez, has created a business, selling artisan boudin and Creole/Cajun frozen foods.
Beau, a creative director turned self-taught chef, grew up in a culturally Southern Louisiana French-Creole home. When he moved away for work, hundreds of miles from his family, he found himself wanting to recreate the taste of his childhood home.
"Cooking started as a new creative outlet and challenge for me, as the culinary business involves all the senses, not just the visual as I was accustomed to in graphic design." Beau states, "And boudin is my favorite food, and it is also something that I am connected to culturally. Boudin made sense for me, so I pursued the path of becoming a Boudinier. The world still has a lot to learn from this culture. Boudin is a food that has an interesting history that predates the United States with origins in the old world (Europe) and the new (America) at the same time mixing and melting with the cultures of West Africa and Indigenous peoples of Southern Louisiana."
Today, he and his wife are building a family branded business of delicious, high-quality food free of additives and MSG while representing Southern Louisiana's traditions. Each weekend you can find them at Glade Parks Farmers Market on Saturdays and Watauga Farmers Market on Sundays. Check out their full line up of Cajun and Creole bites at Beauxboudin.com.


Do you ever come to Carrollton Tx area? There’s a Farmers Mkt every Saturday.

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